sábado, 12 de novembro de 2011


It is clear that love is important. We need more love every day, ever. To believe that everything will be fine one day, to make sure that when everything is bad, it will be there. Guardado,waiting their hour. It is he who will save you from feeling the worst person in the world when you take one out. It is he whowill tell you how beautiful you are. Because you're just looking in the mirror.

He is, love. He will be with you in the days when you feel alone,you will warm up on cold nights and make you complete. Willprotect you from all criticism and whisper in his ear "you're better than all that." It is he who will teach you to smile for thosewho hate you and give comfort to those who value you. So special is the love.

Is it going to show you that you do not need anyone to be happy. Will help you get back on top of those who hurt you. Will teach you to cry for idiots, not worth it. Will say every day, "You deserve the best." Will you make love. Love yourself. Finally, is it going to lift you up when you fall and help you start over.
He is, love. Love itself. I hope you learn that "I love you" more sincere, is one who says to the mirror
Text: Isabella Freitas
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